4G Router with Dual-SIM slots Cat 4 Cat 6 Outdoor Routers for America

Ideal for deployment in harsh outdoor conditions. The IP67 rated waterproof metallic enclosure provides protection from moisture and dust and from extreme weather conditions as well.

Access most reliable mobile signals and forget about slow network speed. Also get powerful Wi-Fi hotspot in your yard.

*The outdoor 4G Router are not fully compatible with the Verizon mobile network.

How does the outdoor router function?

Connect a series of devices to the internet through LAN Ethernet and Wi-Fi within seconds after inserting the data plan or mobile phone SIM Card inside the 4G router.

The American standard 4G outdoor cellular modem works with almost all cellular carriers including T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint.

4G Router with Dual SIM Slots

Features the latest 2020 design on the all new 4G router with dual SIM card slots. Use a SIM card to enable the service and the other SIM slot for back up purpose.

What makes Cat. 4 and Cat. 6 different from each other?

Cat. 4 provides support for up to 1x carrier aggregation and offers a maximum of 150Mbps download speed whereas Cat. 6 has 2x carrier aggregations and also offers a maximum of 300Mbps download speed. If category speed is higher, faster will be the network speed.



  • Download: Max 150Mbps
  • Upload: Max 50Mbps
  • 1x Carrier Aggregation



  • Download: Max 300Mbps
  • Upload: Max 50Mbps
  • 2x Carrier Aggregations


  • EZR33_Outdoor router-4G-Router-Dual-SIM-Card_America_Y4AFQuick View

    US Outdoor 4G Cellular Router – Dual SIM Card

    $ 380 $ 360

    2023 newly upgraded America 4G cellular router uses dual SIM cards and provides internet on Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Cat4 cellular modem supports most of the American cellular networks.

    • Supports cellular networks including LTE bands 66 & 71.
    • Cat 4 cellular modem provides max 150Mbps download speed.
    • MIMO Wi-Fi speed is 300Mbps and supports 57 concurrent users.
    • Router powered by single LAN cable from 48Volt PoE adapter.
    • IP67 rated waterproof case and built-in lighting protection.


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  • EZR33_Outdoor router -4G-Router-Dual-SIM-Card_America_S6AQuick View

    US Outdoor Cellular 4G Router – Cat6 Double SIM

    $ 450 $ 440

    Cat6 outdoor cellular 4G router support double SIM cards. Cat6 AirPrime mobile modem MC7455 inside, provides faster speed Internet connection on Wi-Fi and LAN Ethernet. Supports 2G 3G and 4G cellular networks in North America.

    • Cat 6 AirPrime modem Sierra MC7455 with the carrier aggregation.
    • MIMO Wi-Fi speed is 300Mbps and supports 57 concurrent users.
    • Powered by 48Volt PoE adapter. IP67 rated waterproof case.


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Adaptable Input Power Sources

The outdoor 4G router complies with 802.3af/at PoE standard, uses only single Ethernet cable for transmitting electric power and data. Also use a PoE switch to supply power and receive the signal.

  • The DC power socket can be used with many 9~48Volt power source. It is easy to connect the outdoor router to 12Volt power sources by installing a PoE splitter.

4G LTE Signal Strength

The outdoor router’s signal sensitivity is 101dBm. Due to the stronger input signal, faster 4g network speed can be achieved easily. Want to test signal strength?

In remote areas, it is very likely that the 4G-LTE cellular signal strength may be very weak, it is easy to upgrade the 4G antenna to the directional 4G LPDA antenna (SKU# EZT419).

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