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Discover the joy of browsing on blazing fast 4G internet speed featuring 150-300Mbps transmission rate and secured Wi-Fi network.

Here is how to install and set up the 4G outdoor MIMO router. Alternatively, you can download the user manual for more information.

List of Contents in the package:

1 x SIM Card Adapter
1 x 30-feet LAN Cable
4 x Omni Antenna
1 x 48V PoE Injector
1 x Mounting Set & Tool
1 x 4G Outdoor MIMO Router

Installation and Set up:

Prior to the installation of the outdoor router, make sure that you find an ideal location that is capable of receiving good signal. Check the signal strength with your cell phone to decide on the location. Insert the prepaid SIM card in the built-in SIM card slot. The SIM card adapter is also packed with the outdoor router.

Through the following step by step process, you can install and configure the 4G outdoor router


1) Insert SIM Card

Insert the sim card in the first place. For this, use the hex wrench to loosen the 4 pieces of hexagon bolts and then open the metallic case. Insert into the SIM card slot the Standard SIM card. It should be inserted in such a way that the SIM card pins are facing down with notch inside.

2) Connect External Antennas

Once SIM card gets inserted, install the 4G antenna on the left base connector and install another 4G antenna on to the right socket. Wi-Fi antennas as you can see in the picture goes to the middle positions. Twist the connector clockwise to install the antennas on the router.

3) Connect PoE Injector

Plug RJ45 connector into the router, tighten the barrel screw, insert the rubber stopper and screw the cap down. Connect to electric power outlet.

4) Fix on a pole

Secure the pole with holders and U-bolts. Attach the L-shape brackets on the holders. Put spring washers, U-bolts and tighten them to fix it perfectly.

Join Wi-Fi Network

Once connected to electrical outlet, an Outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot gets established within a few seconds. Without password, you can join the Wi-Fi network.

Login Outdoor Router

Enable the DHCP function on your device. Open any web browser and type the IP address ( of the router in the address bar. Log in using the default admin password.


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