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Free Shipping Services

We provide you with free shipping services through our shipping and courier partners like DHL across more than 40 countries of the world covering the US, Australia and Europe. The safe dispatch and delivery of your outdoor router are assured. Depending on the customs rules existing in your country, you have to meet the customs import tax payments.

Shipment Tracking

We help you track your shipment anytime, anywhere. Once your order has been dispatched, we keep track of your order in real-time. Our customer support team is always at your disposal to attend your queries and doubts. Regardless of the nature if issues, we are available anytime to resolve any problems encountered during shipment.

Cases where delivery failure happens where you accept the liability

The buyer has to receive the delivery of the order after complying with the customs rules and regulations in the destination country.

In case the delivery fails due to:

Wrong delivery information

You were not available at home; as a result, courier wasn’t able to contact you.

The recipient failing to accept the delivery

Identity of the person attempting the receipt of the order cannot be verified correctly

Invalid address or the courier cannot deliver to a remote area or a war situation, disaster, or any similar conditions which are quite unpredictable.

Under such instances, you agree that cannot accept liability and any compensation are paid for it.

Also, there are many situations in which you accept liability whenever you order does not arrive at your specified destination due to any issues in customs clearance.

Delayed Product Delivery Situations will re-send the goods or provide a full refund in case the shipment is lost, stolen or broken before it arrives at your destination. However, in reality, such instances are very rare when relying on world-class shipping and courier services. But at the same time, confirmation regarding such shipment will take time and we recommend you place a fresh order by fulfilling payments when the original shipment details get followed up for completing the refund.

In case you receive damaged or broken product, it is advised to notify the matter at once with the courier or parcel company. If you report it immediately, the courier service and will either provide you with a new product or compensation by way of refund. If you fail to follow the procedures mentioned, it is considered that the necessary document supporting the damage occurred has been missing or inadequate and thus your order will be subjected to advice on a case-by-case basis to decide on whether it can be refunded or replaced.

Further, if a shipment is delayed or seized by the customs authority and the subsequently delay occurred owing to reason, you will be fully liable for it, for the reason that customs duty being your liability. In case failed delivery arises out of mishandling by, you are entitled to receive compensation during the resolution of the case. Even though such instances are very rare, it is necessary to be aware of each parties’ responsibilities in any case you encounter the aforementioned cases concerning delays in product delivery.

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