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  • American-Cat-6-Modem-Broadband-LTE-Router-MIMO-WiFiQuick View

    4G Cellular Router Cat.6 Modem 300Mbps WiFi

    $ 293

    The 4G cellular router has an American standard LTE-Advanced modem and multiple SIM card slots. Connect to up to 57 devices with LAN Ethernet and Wi-Fi in 100~200 yards.

    The max download speed of the Cat.6 cellular LTE modem is 300Mbps. The 4G cellular router comes with powerful firmware and supported multiple mobile protocols, OpenVPN, SSH, etc.

    Include innovative high-gain paddle 4G antennas. Ideal for providing internet in home, office, shop, restaurant, caravan, and industrial applications.


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  • Battery-Powered-Outdoor-WiFi-4G-Router-KitQuick View

    Solar-Battery Powered Outdoor WiFi 4G Router

    $ 498$ 563

    The outdoor Wi-Fi 4G router features 4G mobile modem to connect mobile networks. A 12Volt solar battery pack supports 2-days working. Offers Wi-Fi and LAN, the outdoor router comes with a battery management system where battery recharging can be done from solar panel, PoE adapter and DC power.

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