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Off-grid Solar Panel Polycrystalline 18V 40W

$ 226


This off-grid polycrystalline solar panel is designed with 18% conversion efficiency. Functions on 18volt operation voltage yields a total of 40watt DC power. Connects to the EZR53 solar-battery powered 4G router directly.

*Freight expenses being costly, it is suggested to purchase a similar model from regional shops/markets.

Solar Panel for Outdoor Router

Freight expenses being costly, it is suggested to purchase a similar model from regional shops/markets.


The monocrystalline solar panels are ideal in areas receiving scanty sunlight. Also, it has the highest efficiency and power capacity compared to polycrystalline solar panels. The monocrystalline panel efficiencies range from the 17% to 22%.

Highest Conversion Efficiency

The conversation efficiency varies between the different types of solar panels. We advise you to select solar panels that features highest efficiency. Use solar panels that comes with a conversion efficiency more than or equal to 16%.

To protect against excess voltage, solar power controller can be used. Under any circumstances, solar panel should not be connected directly to outdoor or indoor routers.

Operating Voltage

Recommended using 12-18Volt solar panel on EZR53 router. Always ensure the operating voltage of the solar panel is within the power range on the solar power controller.

Solar Output Power

The bigger the solar panel higher would be the output power. It is suitable to use solar panel with 40–80watt output power for recharging internal battery pack on EZR53 router.

18V 40W Solar Panel Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Solar cells Polycrystalline
Operating current 2.2 Amps
Operating voltage 18 Volt
Output power 40 Watt
Short-circuit current 2.51 Volt
Open-circuit voltage 21.2 Volt
Conversion efficiency 18%

Physical Specifications

Measurement 670x445x25mm
Bracket Excluded
Weight 3.2kg


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