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Outdoor WiFi Panel Antenna 2.4GHz 14dBi

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2.4GHz Wi-Fi panel antenna is featured by 4x aluminum radiating elements that work at a wide beamwidth, horizontal 70° degree. It’s perfect for extending the Wi-Fi wireless signals in a specific direction.

The 14dBi high-gain panel antenna has 23dB front-to-back ratio. It can provide high-performance wireless efficiency. The rugged designed panel antenna can withstand extreme weathers in the outdoor.

Extend Outdoor Wi-Fi Coverage with Wi-Fi Panel Antenna

i. Connect to the WiFi router and transmit the WiFi signal to 200-300meter away (Depend on the router power).
ii. Connect to the USB modem and point to the WiFi signal source to enhance the receiving ability.

2.4G Wi-Fi Antenna

Full-band 2400~2500MHz WiFi antenna. High-performance antenna with minimized signal interferences.

Directional Panel Antenna

The high-gain WiFi panel antenna has a compact size. It is powered by 4x durable aluminum radiating elements.

Outdoor Antenna Waterproof

Include an outdoor L-bracket mounting system. Waterproof design withstands extreme weather in the outdoor.

Wi-Fi Panel Antenna – Cable & Connector

The Wi-Fi panel antenna comes with an N-K male connector and a 60cm length RG58 low-loss coaxial cable.

You could directly connect the Wi-Fi panel antenna to N-K female Wi-Fi sockets on the EZR3X series outdoor 4G router and EZR1X series Wi-Fi extender.

Wi-Fi Panel Antenna Specifications

WiFi Panel Antenna – Electrical Specifications

Frequency 2400~2500MHz
Gain 14dBi
V.S.W.R ≤ 1.5
Back-to-front Ratio ≥ 23
Beamwidth Horizontal 70° / Vertical 80°
Max Power 100 Watt
Lighting Protection Direct ground

WiFi Panel Antenna – Mechanical Specifications

Cable 60cm RG58 cable
Connector N-male connectors
Radome Material Waterproof ABS
Radiating Element Silver color Aluminum
Dimension 210x180x47mm / 500gram
Rated Wind Velocity 60 m/s
Bracket L bracket & U bolts
Mounting Ø35~55mm pole
Working Temperature -40~70 degree
Working Humidity < 95%

WiFi Panel Antenna

Internal Structures

Horizontal Pattern

Vertical Pattern


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