Remotely access your 4G Router

Traversal Cloud is a secure NAT tunnel tool to remotely access outdoor routers and connected hosts. It has been integrated in OpenEzen firmware EV3104 and newer versions.

It is easy to access and control your outdoor 4G routers 24x7 on a web browser. You don’t need public IP address and DDNS configuration. And it’s free of cost!

Enable the traversal cloud by the following steps.

  • Log in the router admin at Select Services and then Traversal Cloud
  • Click the checkbox Enable, click Save and Apply button
  • Access your outdoor router from the Cloud address on web server.

When you turn on traversal cloud, it is highly advised to provide a strong router password (system/administration)

The Remote SSH extension allows you to connect your outdoor router through the command-line interface (CLI). It gives you much freedom while integrating the router with different platforms. The custom Remote SSH is an advanced tool to connect your router remotely via the command-line interface. It offers a flexible solution to integrate your router to various platforms. The customised traversal cloud proxy rule is available for firmware version EV3104 only.

  • Type in on the address bar of your web browser and access router admin. Go to System / Administration and turn on the check box corresponding to Gateway ports. Change the SSH port.
  • •Access Service/ Traversal cloud, click Rules tab, then the Add button to provide an additional SSH proxy.

Now, set up the new proxy with the below parameters

Proxy Name- SSH_Router-Serial Number (This is a unique number; no two routers possess the same serial number)

Type: Choose TCP

Local IP: Type in

Local Port: Default 22, same as the SSH port.

Remote Port: Adjustable

Enable the checkbox corresponding Privilege Mode

Click Save and hit the Apply button

Finally, you are all set to access to access the router via remote SSH on an SSH tool.

Password: root


Why can not access the remote address?
  1. Please ensure the traversal cloud has been enabled. After enabling the checkbox, please click the “Save & Apply” button.
  2. Before access the traversal cloud server, the 4G router must have an Internet connection. Please check the Internet connection on the router.
  3. If you once turned off the traversal cloud function within a power cycle, please reboot the router to refresh the traversal connection session.
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